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CSGO ONE Jackpot. The most fair CS GO site.
Everyone has a chance. Try your luck!
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Макс депозит 10 вещей | Длительность раунда 2:00 мин
Допишите к нику и получите +5% к вашему выигрышу !
Обменные боты в сети. На заметку: вы должны иметь включенный Steam Mobile Authentication как минимум в течении 7 дней чтобы иметь возможность ставить.
CSGO`ONE – It is a service where participants bring their items (skins), and when a total of 100 subjects collected, the system determines one winner, who receives all contributed items.
The winner is determined randomly, the chance of winning depends on the value of entered skins.
The principle is simple: The more items and more expensive ones you bet on, the more chance to hit the jackpot! But by putting even 1 cent, you have the possibility to hit the jackpot!
1: You enter your items by pressing the button «Bet your items», sending trade to our BOT.
You can enter a maximum of 10 skins at a round, the total sum of which may not be less than 0.5$
2: We transfer entered items into points in accordance with their price. For each 1 cent cost of an item you get 1 point ($ 1 - 100 points)
Chance of winning depend on the number of points. The more items you enter - the better your chance of winning.
3: When reaching the threshold of 100 skins, we collect all issued points together and randomly choose one winner, but participants who are in a priority are those ones who have more points than others.
The winner receives all the entered items by the end of the round.
  1. The maximum deposit of items - 10 items per trade. There are no upper limits for the prices per the item; the deposit may start with a total amount of items, no less than $0.5 and min item price 0.1$.
  2. If you enter any item in the "bank" for the last deposit and counter of items passes a certain threshold, then they will be considered in the current round, because the user has entered them in the current one, rather than the previous round.
  3. For the development of the website and conducting contests, we will charge a 10% commission for each game. Write to nickname CSGO1.COM you get a +5% to win, your commission will be 5%. After changing the nickname need to re-login on the website.
  4. Deposits and withdrawal of the prize pool is almost instant (up to 2 minutes)
  5. Every time you send items, you agree with the rules of the website usage.
  6. If your inventory is closed, then the next and the last attempt of sending the prize will be in 1 hour.
  7. Items are accepted only for CS:GO, other items will be accepted but will not be counted on the website. Moreover, we can ensure proper price valuation of the items only when it is located on the Marketplace Steam, otherwise your item may be evaluated incorrectly.
  8. It is forbidden to use souvenir items and gift sets. Such trades are canceled.
  9. You have a guarantee of receiving your items within 10 min after the round is closed. After that time, we are not responsible for any lost items.
  10. If you canceled exchange or sent a counter-offer after the victory, then your items will not be returned to you, since the BOT is not designed for re-sending items
  11. If our BOT was banned within 10 minutes from the end of the match, we will refund only your bid, not the winning.
  12. If you bet within 30 seconds before the end of the match, then there is a possibility that your skins will be passed to the next game. We are not responsible for this: Steam does not always handles exchanges instantly.
1: At the time when the Steam servers there are any failures, may not perform offers. In these cases, we will refund you only put items.
2: Ticket to the support should be written no later than 30 minutes after the end of the round in which the failure occurred.
3: Ticket must contain screenshots of sent/received offers.
Tickets violating the rules of the site - are not considered!
Tickets offending administration - are not considered!

Monday-Friday min bet 0.2$

Saturday-Sunday min bet 0.5$

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